Pulse Contractility Assay

High-Throughput Video Analysis
of Beating Cardiomyocytes

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videos analyzed and counting

Pulse makes it easy to perform quantitative studies with stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Any Experimental Setup

Upload and analyze your cardiomyocyte videos captured on any microscopy system. Use brightfield or phase contrast to analyze contractility, or fluorescence to analyze calcium signaling.

Any Cell Configuration

Pulse accomodates any cell culture type - single cell, monolayer, tissue, or spheroid - and will provide measurements for each distinct beating region.

Fully Automated Analysis

Pulse's patented algorithms generate automated measurements of beat rate, beat irregularity, displacement, velocity, contraction/relaxation times, and more.

Measuring Contractility with Brightfield or Phase-Contrast Videos

Pulse performs correlation analysis and optical flow to measure beating signals and contractility parameters

Fully automated measurement of:

  • Beat Rate
  • Beat Rate Variation (a measure of arrhythmia)
  • Contraction Displacement
  • Contraction Velocity
  • Duration of Contraction
  • Duration of Relaxation
  • Total Beat Duration (75% and 50%)

Measuring Calcium Signals with Fluorescence Videos

Pulse performs image intensity analysis to measure calcium signals and parameters

Fully automated measurement of:

  • Beat Rate
  • Beat Rate Variation
  • Signal Magnitude
  • Beat Rise Time
  • Beat Fall Time
  • Total Beat Durations (75% and 50%)

Desktop Software for Uploading High-Throughput Experiments

Use our desktop software (for Windows or macOS) to batch-upload folders of videos, including 96 or 384-well plate experiments.

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